Venture South Africa today serves every major brand in the automotive industry represented in South Africa. These marques comprise a bouquet of the major global brands. We service these marques with honor.


Motorists behind the steering wheels of their automobiles in numerous of the great cities across the globe will be pleasantly surprised to discover that the bumpers and numerous other plastic fittings to their cars have been manufactured thousands of kilometers away in South Africa. Venture South Africa currently supplies all VW, BMW, Daimler Chrysler and Toyota exports from South Africa.

From concept to Sequenced Delivery of Quality Product

  • Injection Moulding (Thermo, 2K, Gas Assisted)
    Ranging from 25 - 4000 ton.
  • RRIM.
  • Welding/Riveting/
  • Assembly and Modular Sequenced Supply.
  • Project and Program
  • Tooling Manufacture.
  • Painting (Solvent and Water-based, Manual and Robotic).

ISG tooling a subsidiary of Venture SA offers:

  • Product design.
  • CAD engineering
  • Prototype development.
  • Tooling manufacture and try-out.
  • Product validation.

Venture SA logistics:

  • Sourcing of local and
    imported polymers,
    components and paint.
  • Full supply chain management.
  • Assembly and supply of individual
    parts to full modules through dedicated
    module centers located close to
    the customer.

Our clients have all the benefits of expertise, capability and capacity, without having to carry the responsibility thereof.

"Venture South Africa has one of the lowest absentee rates in the industry.”